10 Reasons why you should move to Mérida

10 Reasons why you should move to Mérida

If you are one of those people who are wondering what all the fuss is about the new trending topic “Merida, Yucatan”, well here is a list of “10 reasons why more and more people from around the world are moving to Merida”.

Affordability: Merida’s cost of living is much lower than most other foreign cities. For example: according to (thezebra.com) car insurance quotes from the U.S. in 2018, would have you pay between 60% - 120% more in comparison with Merida where you would pay under $550 USD based on full coverage car insurance for a 2018 Honda civic quoted from (rastreator.com.mx) at an exchange rate of $18.50 MXN per USD (this is the rate all estimates are based on throughout the article). Home insurance is just as affordable too. The average homeowner’s insurance costs $300 USD a year, but if you decide to invest in a mid-sized restored home in the downtown area, you would only pay $50 USD a year! Well, if all of this isn’t enough, here goes another reason.

Safety: “In Merida, security rates are at the level of Europe, even among the levels of the safest countries in the world,” stated Ana Maria Salazar Slack in a conference held here in Merida in 2015. She is an international security expert who has worked with the pentagon and the white house. This is why people are able to walk through the downtown area after a late dinner without any worries. Nonetheless, one should exercise common sense just as in any trip.

Yucatecans: Mexicans as a people have always had a reputation as a friendly festive people. However, Yucatecans have the added influence of the Caribbean, so don’t be surprised when a passerby says “Buenos días”, good morning, without knowing you or that people greet everyone when entering shop. Yucatecan are very well known for their hospitality around the world. They are a very humble, traditional and proud people. It’s a big city with a small town feel to it.

Real Estate: Merida has a wide range of social-economic classes within the city, so whether you want to rent or buy there is something for you. You can easily find a comfortable but affordable long-term rental for less than $450 USD a month in one of the best areas of the city, the northern side of town. If purchasing a home is what you are looking for, then you can readily locate a cozy restored home in the north-western part of the city for less than $49,000 USD. Another great investment opportunity would be the downtown where property value is increasing every year, and short-term rentals offer a solid percentage in their rate of occupancy. For more information contact the experts at [email protected]

Healthcare: Healthcare is quite affordable in Merida. What may be surprising to many people is that many of the medical doctors from our city not only know English but have also studied part of their specialization in the U.S. and abroad. To give you some samples of average prices: Regular check-ups are under $30 USD; dental cleanings are less than $36 USD; dental porcelain crowns are $250 USD; the average cost of braces in Merida is $170 USD with a monthly adjustment fee of $30 USD. Furthermore, breast augmentation is less than $1,700 USD. As you can see healthcare prices are amazing here.

Food: Mexican cuisine is recognized as one of the best in the world, and the Yucatecan cuisine has a special place in that fame. Everyone who comes here must try the world-famous dishes such as: cochinita pibil (a slow cooked, succulent, seasoned pork wrapped in banana leaves), panuchos, salbutes, and relleno negro (a spicy, thick, tender turkey soup). Yucatecan cuisine is filled with many tasty and traditional dishes. Merida has a vast variety of local, national, and international restaurants in which you can eat for as little as $3 USD to as much as $30 USD. You will also find many local, national and American supermarkets for your everyday groceries.

Ambiance: Merida is popularly known as the “white city” not for its color, but rather for its cleanliness, Notwithstanding, this city is full of colors from the vibrant downtown area which has an array of architectural styles such as Spanish colonial, old Franciscan and Jesuit churches along with French mansions as you get to Paseo de Montejo, the main avenue of the city. The vast mixtures of old and new architectural styles and the blends of color between the vegetation and the buildings is like a candied treat to the eyes. The surprises do not end there, for an antique house will probably hold a surprise when you enter it. The interior designs within the buildings are just as amazing as the exteriors.

Events: Never a dull moment! For a traditional Mexican city, Merida takes pride in its own culture, yet Yucatecans’ appreciate other national and international cultures. You can stroll downtown to Santiago park on Tuesdays to listen and enjoy locals singing and dancing, or you can go to Santa Lucia on Sunday Evenings for local traditional musicians and folk dancing. Then on Fridays local artists are playing an ancient Mayan game with fire! There are also concerts, plays, sports bars, pubs and light shows.

Sightseeing: Merida is also strategically placed since it is close to one of the wonders of the world “Chichen Itza” as well as Uxmal, another important Mayan city. Once you are hot from all the sightseeing at the famous ruins, you always have one or another cenote (natural wells) nearby where you can take a refreshing dip. You may want to visit Lol Tun, which means “stone flower”; this is the largest cave in the Yucatan peninsula with amazing rock formations and ancient Mayan drawings. You also have the option of taking the city’s guided tour “Noche de Leyendas”, Night of Legends, in which the actors in colonial costumes give a historical tour of significant places in the downtown area including the old underground tunnels that connect different churches. These are all truly unforgettable experiences!

Transportation: Fortunately, getting around the city is very easy and quite affordable.First of all, if your flight lands at the Cancun international airport rather than Merida’s, you can take a very comfortable air-conditioned ADO bus for less than $40 USD. ADO busses have several departures every day of the week since it’s only a four hour drive. Once in the city, local busses cost about .50ç and pass by about every 15 minutes, but if you prefer, you can catch a taxi or an Uber.

by Carlos Betancourt